The Hamburger is synonymous with America, although its origin, as the name suggests is attributed to Hamburg. The dish,Rundstückwarm, or bread roll warm, was supposedly a popular snack amongst those emigrating to the United States.
Filling their rolls with beefsteaks, the Hamburger came to fruition and was served up by the Hamburg America Line shipping enterprise, which was founded in 1847.
Today’s popularity of the hamburger has come around through its simplicity and versatility. Fast food chains adopted the burger as their staple, with giants such as McDonalds building global empires on the meaty delight.

Variety Between Breads

Recipes for patties and smash burgers, using rib meat and steak have brought around another resurgence in their popularity. You can find additions such as halloumi, turkey bacon, jams, chillies, chicken burgers, onion rings, eggs and even rice replacing the bread.

These all make the burger something that rarely tastes the same unless you eat from a chain such as McDonalds (we don’t recommend). With different breads, sauces and fillings, you can easily make a burger your own.

Sliders, another popular variant are smaller, bite sized burgers, perfect for parties and events. Easy to handle, not too messy and just as wholesome and tasty.

Some burgers do require a seat and a table. Burger challenges, boasting stacks of fillings that need support in the way of a skewer can be found all over the globe. Tempting in adventurous diners willing to take on massive plates of food in the name of getting their face on the wall of fame. 

Our Offering

At MLS Steakhouse, we take pride in our burgers and sliders. Our gourmet approach offers up variations in meat, with Wagyu, striploin, brisket or Black Angus Beef patties. Topped with relishes, coleslaws, pickles, chillies, cheeses and other delicious fillings. All served in toasted buns, with crispy fries and house salad on the side to complete the meal.

Available in burgers or the smaller sliders, all our patties are made with premium quality meats and prepared and cooked by our time served, expert chefs. We’ve set out to create an exquisite experience, rather than a fast food and until you’ve joined us to try them, you can only dream of the encounter.

To see our burger menu, you can follow this link. To make a reservation, it’s here.