The port city of Muscat sits on the Gulf of Oman. With the backdrop of the Hajar mountains, it’s a popular destination for tourists who wish to explore the desert or take expeditions out to sea.

For the adventurous traveller, the challenges faced in the mountains create some impressive hikes. From Muscats Riyam Park and up into the hills and mountains, those reaching heights can expect an impressive view of the city and port.

Boat trips are another popular attraction. Out to sea, you can catch a glimpse of the spinner dolphins, leaping and spinning out of the ocean whilst hunting tuna and sardines. Their mid-air antics create a display of acrobatic form, likened to a pirouette.

Or perhaps you prefer to keep your feet firmly on dry, flat land? A trip around the markets, Muscat’s Muttrah Souk, where you can find many ceramics and jewellery amongst other gifts and souvenirs. Hecklers are always welcome as the market traders love to strike up deals for their goods. A starting price of 40-50% less than the price tag is certainly not too much to ask.

Worked Up an Appetite?

And then of course, the food! The jewel in any cities crown is the cuisine. As a port, you will find plenty of seafood. The street vendors push Oman’s favourite, the Mishkak, and you won’t be short of grilled meats, flatbreads and hummus.
To start your day, a wholesome breakfast should be the top of your agenda, and what better place to enjoy it than the Water-Front at Qurum. Our breakfast menu is filled with fruits, grains, yoghurts, eggs and meats. Or for the sweeter toothed, perhaps some waffles or pancakes

A midday delight can be found for the weary traveller on our lunch menu. With offers throughout the week, you can sample some of the finest steaks Muscat has to offer at a reduced rate.

Our Offering

Finally, our pièce de resistance, the evening menu. Delicately constructed by Executive Chef, Krishna, our evening menu presents some of the finest local cuisine, with the meat supplied by our parent butchery, MLS.

We pride ourselves on serving the best cuts of meat, fresh and expertly cooked in the spectacular and sublime surroundings of our newly furnished restaurant. MLS Steakhouse has become a prominent venue amongst Muscat’s fine dining ensemble.

Situated at the Qurum Water-Front, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy an evening meal before heading to the seafront to enjoy the sunset, or an evening stroll along the beach.

Booking is recommended to avoid disappointment, and you can follow this link to make your reservation today.