What Constitutes Bad Meat?

As connoisseurs of fine meat, we know what qualities to look for to bring you the best. As well as serving the best cuts, we also have a keen eye for meat that was raised right and raised as advertised.

From your grass-fed beef to your cuts of New Zealand Lamb, we take every precaution to ensure that we are staying true to our ethos. We only serve premium quality, sourced from reputable markets and we strive to be the best supplier of red meat in Oman.

Know Your Cuts!

The first step to not being stung is knowing your cuts. On our journey to becoming the best, we have already sampled the rest and what we found was deceit, and bad meat. Serving up lesser cuts that held bad traits in place of what was advertised as premium, is common practice for one venue out at Boulevard Boutique Mall, Qurm. We found a bone in ribeye served as a tomahawk and poorly marbled Australian beef passed off as USDA prime. Tenderising the meat to soften it up, these shortcuts fall short on their cuts but leave the door wide open for us. With our meat sourced direct from MLS butchers, the quality is guaranteed and we only select the finest for our steakhouse.

Know the Tough from the Tender

Meat is muscle. The harder working the muscle, the tougher the meat will be from around that area. Shoulders, briskets, shanks and chuck are all tougher meats. For the more tender cuts, meat from the animals back prevails.

Harder working muscles contain more collagen, this protein keeps muscle fibres connected to the bone. These muscle fibres and connective tissues will make your steak tough. Picking out cuts with little to no connective tissue avoids a chewy conundrum at the table.

Not all fats are bad. You may have heard the term marbling banded around when it comes to steak. Marbling is fine lines of intramuscular fat that run through the meat. Rather than creating a tough or chewy texture, as the fat cooks it breaks down adding a flavoursome tenderness to the steak.

How a Raw Steak Should Appear

Aged beef steak is a delicacy although the conditions in which it ages are important. If you catch a glimpse of a raw steak and it appears slimy, it is not fresh. Dry or shrivelled looking steak is also likely to have passed its best. Slight discolouring is normal, when steak begins to react with oxygen, a browning is perfectly normal.

If You Want the Best, Visit the Best

At MLS Steakhouse we pride ourselves on delivering the best steakhouse experience to be found in Muscat. All our meat comes through our award winning, renowned butchers and with a butcher on site, we can guarantee the freshest, most flavoursome foods to be found.

All this, served up in a serene location with lavish décor, excellent views and trained, professional and friendly staff. Explore our full menu of steaks, burgerssliders, and more.

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