Chocolate Dome

3.5 OMR

Fudge Crumb, chocolate Mousse and Berry Jellies Covered with Chocolate shell Served with Hot Chocolate sauce

Coconut Mix berry Dom

3.1 OMR

Combination of coconut mousse and mix beery Compote served with fresh berries

Cigar 3 kinds

4.8 OMR

Hazelnut Pistachio Cheese
Classic Homemade Cigar rolls filled with the flavor of your choice and served with a scoop of ice cream

Pistachio cake

3.1 OMR

Homemade Pistachio Sponge, combine with white chocolate Whipped cream and Served with fresh Pistachio crumbs Fresh Berries.

Saffron cake

3.1 OMR

Serve with saffron flavored milk and some sweetie cream and chopped pistachio.